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Tips on aging well in 2022

Alicia Colombo

For Healthy Aging Month in September, here is some sage advice on aging well from the Forbes Health advisory board.

Take care of your hearing
Hearing plays a vital role in cognitive and overall health. Studies have linked hearing loss to dementia, anxiety, poor balance, social isolation, depression, low self-esteem, decreased alertness, and slower recall speed. Hearing well is crucial to maintaining an active, social and productive lifestyle. To keep hearing well, limit exposure to excessively loud sounds. Get your hearing checked regularly and get hearing help, if needed.

Trade limits for rewards
Start thinking less about your limitations and more about what activities are good for your physical and mental health. Getting outside and being active serves you well and helps reduce daily eye issues, like dryness and eye fatigue. Instead of focusing on a negative association, reward yourself daily with an outdoor walk or exercise break where there is no screen and only natural light.

Embrace telehealth
User-friendly digital health technology can help keep us moving, connected and productive. Health care has embraced telehealth and virtual care technologies to shift from in-person-only care delivery to a mix of virtual and in-person care. Tools, like virtual video visits, remote health monitoring and e-consults with specialists, connect patients with their providers effectively and keep people healthy at home.

Maintain stimulation
The secret to aging well may be participating in activities, interests and relationships that you enjoy; keeping your sense of humor; and staying cognitively stimulated. Continue to do the things that got you this far: take care of your body, develop and maintain relationships that matter, continue to learn and be intellectually challenged, contribute to the world and start each day with positivity.

Take a balanced approach
The ability to age healthfully depends on how you invest in your body. Staying physically active, maintaining a well-balanced diet and being mentally alert will foster a comfortable healthy aging experience. Eat colorful fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and fewer processed foods. Get a good night’s sleep. Try to set aside at least 15 minutes a day for exercise and another 15 for meditation or mindfulness exercises.

Source: Forbes Health

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