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Here’s to a new year filled with wellness!

Alicia Colombo

By Najja R. Orr, MBA, DBA, PCA President & CEO

As you welcome 2024, January provides a great opportunity to set goals for the year. Think about what you would like to accomplish or improve in your life. The experts say that thinking about it is one thing; write it down and commit to it to really set the course for change.

Your health should be an absolute priority! Health-related goals can range from simple, like drinking more water or taking more steps each day, to complex, such as quitting smoking or eating healthier.

A good place to start any health and wellness goal setting plan is to follow up with your physician regularly. Schedule an appointment to discuss your overall health and any recommended screenings, vaccinations or tests. Don’t forget about other areas of overall wellness. Have you had your eyes checked or your teeth cleaned recently? Regular appointments with a dentist, ophthalmologist and gynecologist/urologist are also recommended to keep your total body running at its best capacity as you age.

Resources are available to help people who have chronic health conditions to better manage their symptoms. Philadelphia Corporation for Aging (PCA) partners with community organizations to present health education programs that provide information, skill building, screenings and support for older adults. These evidence-based programs cover a wide range of topics, including management of chronic pain, diabetes and other conditions; medication management; preventing falls; exercise; and nutrition. The goal is to empower older adults to improve their own health and reduce the risk of dependency, disability and illness.

Many programs are led by trained leaders who successfully manage health conditions themselves. PCA’s free Health & Wellness Programs are open to Philadelphians age 60 and older. Sessions are presented virtually or at locations throughout the city.

In addition, PCA funds 28 senior community centers and satellite meal sites in neighborhoods throughout the city. Each senior center offers unique programming that promotes socialization and a healthy lifestyle through continuing education, group activities, exercise and fitness classes, and more. Regular attendance at senior centers can help reduce social isolation and depression. Each center has a counselor who can assist older adults with resources, benefits applications and other concerns.

It is important to maintain your mental and emotional health, along with your physical health. Share any concerns with your doctor, just as you would for any physical health symptoms. And reach out for help, when needed.

For more information about PCA’s Health and Wellness Programs and senior community centers in Philadelphia, call the PCA Helpline at 215-765-9040 or visit

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