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Happy New Year! 2021 brings hope, possibility

Alicia Colombo

January typically brings a fresh slate, a new 365 days of opportunity. The excitement to start a new year has never been greater. The January 2021 issue of Milestones contains many articles to help you start off 2021 right. You’ll find stories about supporting your local businesses, staying engaged from home, how to get into a healthy frame of mind – and body, preparing some much-needed comfort foods, and more!

Looking forward

As you turn the calendar, don’t be hard on yourself for not accomplishing the goals you set in the past year. The key is to be flexible and imaginative in how we respond to challenges. To paraphrase poet Robert Burns, the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Many of us are looking forward to a pandemic-free world, where we can enjoy life without restrictions. Until that day comes, instead, take pleasure in making plans and enjoy the anticipation of what’s to come. Here are some out-of-the-box suggestions for New Year’s resolutions you can incorporate into your goal setting for the year:

Keep learning – Keep your mind active by reading new books. It’s never too late to acquire a new skill or hobby. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just pursue something of interest.

Improve your well-being
– Taking care of yourself will help you feel better and be happier. Even small changes will do your body – and mind – a wealth of good.

Establish a close social circle
– Reconnect with your family and friends, especially those you may have lost touch with during the pandemic.

Embrace forgiveness
– Everyone makes mistakes. Holding a grudge won’t do any good. Forgive and move on.

Speak up
– We hold things inside more than we should. If you’re upset, talk with someone. It will feel good just to let it out.

Challenge yourself
– Don’t write something off because it’s too difficult. Take small steps. Even if you don’t finish, remember that you’ll accomplish more than if you never started.

Listen more
– Improving your listening skills helps you communicate with people more effectively.

Be present
– Practice focusing on the here and now. The things in your past are gone, and the future is yet to be determined.

Remain calm
– A true sign of growth is learning not to negatively react when bad things happen in life.

Believe in yourself
– You’ve made it this far, and you can still reach new levels of success.

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