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Be ready for your Medicaid renewal

John Deangelis

The following information was provided by the Pennsylvania Department of Aging

Are You an Older Adult Enrolled in Medicaid? Here’s What to Know and Where to Go for Help with Obtaining Other Health Coverage.

Medicaid is a vital program supporting young and old recipients in need of continuing long-term care. Many older adults rely upon Medicaid coverage for skilled nursing home care or home- and community-based services.

The Department of Aging and Area Agencies on Aging are doing their part to assist the Shapiro Administration and the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS) in sharing important information to help keep older Pennsylvanians connected to life-sustaining health coverage.

What is happening with Medicaid eligibility?

Prior to and during the pandemic, DHS would send out annual notices and informational requests to Medicaid recipients to maintain eligibility. Shortly after the pandemic began, federal law put rules in place to allow individuals to remain enrolled in Medicaid even if they became ineligible based on regular eligibility criteria.

Due to a change in federal law, continuous eligibility has ended. Starting April 1, Medicaid recipients must again complete annual renewals to maintain their coverage. Renewals will take place gradually, over 12 months, and no one will be disenrolled without having a chance to complete a renewal.

Information about when a person’s annual renewal is scheduled can be found on COMPASS. Pennsylvanians can also use COMPASS to update their information.

It’s very important to complete your renewal on time.

When you receive your renewal notice, it’s very important to make sure the contact information is correct so you can receive timely updates about your benefits.

By completing the renewal on time, Medicaid recipients can either maintain Medicaid coverage or be directly connected to affordable coverage through Pennie®, Pennsylvania’s health insurance marketplace, or the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) if they have children under age 19.

Even if you do not think you are eligible for Medicaid anymore, completing the renewal is essential to avoid a disruption in coverage or care.

If you receive a denial notice and feel that it is inaccurate, you must file an appeal quickly to preserve eligibility in the Medicaid program.

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