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Posted By Alicia Colombo

Engage at home: Senior centers host remote events

Many of Philadelphia’s senior centers are offering activities, events and things to do remotely during the pandemic. Many of the centers funded by PCA offer a broad array of ways to socialize, learn and stay connected through phone, mail, social media and videochat.

Posted By Alicia Colombo

Health Brief: Cheers to a healthy new year!

The new year allows for a clean slate. There are changes we can make now to lower stress levels, improve overall health and strengthen relationships.

Posted By Alicia Colombo

Exercise counteracts age-associated cellular decline

Once, it was thought that a single roll of the genetic dice determined how we would age. Now, there’s a new approach to the way advancing years affect us.

Posted By Michael Hanisco

PCA’s 2020 Senior Strut has been canceled

PCA’s 2020 Senior Strut: A Health Event in the Park has been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope to strut with you in a healthy 2021! Be safe and stay tuned!

Posted By Alicia Colombo

Research suggests Chinese exercise is aid for sedentary life

Despite the stress that comes with social isolation and despair for the future, older adults who take part in qi gong have seen positive results.

Posted By Michael Hanisco

WATCH: Center at Journey’s Way offers free virtual fitness classes to keep seniors moving

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the temporary closure of senior community centers across the city. Many centers are now working out innovative ways to stay connected to their members and help keep them active during the stay-at-home order. The Center at Journey’s Way, for instance, is offering free virtual fitness classes via the Zoom […]

Posted By Alicia Colombo

Stay active: Get moving at home!

The stay-at-home mandates have disrupted daily routines, including fitness activities. Even though gyms and senior centers are closed, don’t use this as an excuse to become sedentary.

Posted By Michael Hanisco

PCA presents at-home workouts with trainer Eric Ramos!

We all know that it’s important to stay active. Exercise has many proven benefits for the mind and body, especially as we age. However, with senior centers and gyms closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, it can be difficult to get a solid workout in. Luckily, personal trainer and friend of PCA Eric Ramos has put together the following videos to help us work out from the comfort of home.

Posted By Michael Hanisco

PCA is offering free remote health and wellness programs during COVID-19

PCA’s Health Promotion Unit is now offering FREE remote health and wellness programs to manage chronic health conditions and improve physical activity!

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