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Planning for your financial security in retirement

Will you outlive your bank account? Not if you plan for a financially stable retirement.

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Retired lawyer, social worker advocates for social justice

Judi Bernstein-Baker joined the fight for racial equality 61 years ago, she was just 13.

The Franklin Institute science museum is one of Philadelphia's major attractions.
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Explore Philly from home

A sampling of local attractions offering virtual museum tours and online activities.

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The difference between COVID-19 and influenza

With a vaccine for COVID-19 still months from being unveiled, there may be a surge right in time for flu season.

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Enjoy these 5 safe summer activities

Enjoying the outdoors this summer is possible, even in the age of COVID-19 if you take a few precautions and use common sense.

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Every Murder Is Real

Bereaved mother creates path to healing

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Nursing homes are ground zero for COVID-19

How to better protect our seniors

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In the time of COVID-19, grandparent caregivers are feeling the strain

More than 16,000 grandparents in Philadelphia are the primary caregiver for t heir grandchildren. PCA’s Caregiver Support Program is here to help.

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Research suggests Chinese exercise is aid for sedentary life

Despite the stress that comes with social isolation and despair for the future, older adults who take part in qi gong have seen positive results.

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