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Health Brief: Senior centers are hubs of activity

You’ll gain a multitude of benefits by joining one of the 28 senior community and satellite meal centers that are funded by PCA.

Posted By Alicia Colombo

Exercise counteracts age-associated cellular decline

Once, it was thought that a single roll of the genetic dice determined how we would age. Now, there’s a new approach to the way advancing years affect us.

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Center workers celebrated during Senior Center Month

The dedication of senior center workers hasn’t diminished – it’s deepened, as they’ve taken on new roles and responsibilities during the pandemic.

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The many benefits of creating art

The first step to becoming an artist is to let go of the idea that art has to be perfect or that it must look a certain way.

Celebrate Arts & Aging
Posted By Alicia Colombo

PCA applauds seasoned artists with virtual festival

PCA is pleased to announce the first virtual Celebrate Arts & Aging showcase starting in mid-September.

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Recipe Box: Tasty, vegetable-packed recipes

Here are two great recipes for your Labor Day cookout. Both are under 30 minutes prep time, so you can take advantage of a day that was meant for rest and relaxation.

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The sounds of Philadelphia: Music to our ears

There’s no disputing Philadelphia’s rich musical heritage, from the hitmakers to the one-hit wonders, and every musician in between.

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Unique artist finds beauty in nature

Anne Swoyer, 63, of Mt. Airy, re-envisions common objects as works of art.

Posted By Alicia Colombo

The Stroke Lady’s mission of advocacy, education

Each year, approximately 800,000 Americans suffer a stroke. And with every stroke, every second matters

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