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Our Assumptions About Older People

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In her book “The Fountain of Age,” Betty Friedan notes that since life expectancy is nearly 80, we can now expect to live one-third to one-half of our lives after raising a family. She asks why we are not looking at age as a new, evolving stage of life — not as a decline from youth.

This full-day training will offer participants the opportunity to examine both personal and societal conceptions of aging in an exciting and experiential way. Unexamined assumptions can lead to erroneous conclusions about older people in many ways: their abilities, interests, physical well-being, and mental health. Most of us are not fully aware of what we believe about aging, yet what we believe shapes how we feel about, think of, and relate to older people. It also influences how we understand and experience our own aging.

Drawing on her background in gerontology, creative drama, and teaching, Dr. M. Kathryn Jedrziewski has designed an engaging workshop that facilitates the exploration of assumptions about older people. Through hands-on learning, role-plays, complex case studies, group discussions, and problem-solving, Dr. Jedrziewski will help participants gain a new appreciation for the potentials and complexity of aging, as well as the vitality and diversity of older people.

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Our Assumptions About Older People

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