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Various housing options are available for seniors in Philadelphia. There are also programs to help make modifications and repairs.

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Below is information about a variety of housing options; and resources available in Philadelphia to assist senior citizens with repairs, modifications, utilities, mortgages, insurance and other issues. PCA has also compiled a Quick Reference Guide to Housing Resources for the Elderly in Philadelphia.

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If you need help with basic activities of daily living, but want to remain in your own home, you may also want to consider long-term care services in the home.

Repairs, Modifications, Maintenance

There are 206,000 older (age 60+) persons in Philadelphia who own their homes.

Many of these homes were built more than 50 years ago and are in need of both minor and major repairs. Many are also inaccessible for those with limited or impaired mobility. There are both government-funded and nonprofit programs to help low-income seniors make their homes safe, accessible and energy-efficient. Details about services, providers and eligibility can be found in the Home and Housing section of the Service Directory. Resources >>

Among these services are basic repairs to locks, steps, electrical and plumbing systems; major systems repairs such as roofs and heaters; modifications such as grab bars, intercoms, stair glides, wheelchair lifts and installation of first floor half baths; and weatherization assistance.

Housing Options

Independent Living

Affordable, Public and Subsidized Housing
Low-income seniors who wish to live independently in the community may be eligible for public or subsidized housing. Some of these also include accessible housing. Waiting lists may be several years long. Detailed information is available on the Philadelphia Housing Authority website.

To apply for Public Housing or the Housing Choice Voucher Program (formerly, Section 8) contact:
Philadelphia Housing Authority Office
718 N. 16th Street
Hours: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday

Below are links to this site’s Service Directory listings of these facilities, which include details about location, eligibility requirements and other information.

Subsidized Housing Resources >>

Affordable Housing Resources >>

Public Housing Resources >>

LGBT-Friendly Housing

LGBT seniors cite affordable, safe, welcoming and friendly housing as a primary concern as they age.  The LGBT Elder Initiative (LGBTEI) has compiled a resource directory which includes a range of housing options, from rentals, condominiums and subsidized housing to assisted living and nursing homes. The LGBTEI Senior Resource Guide for Housing was developed to help seniors and their friends and families identify housing that meets their needs.

Assisted Living and Continuing Care

Assisted Living facilities are for older adults who cannot live independently but do not require nursing home care. These facilities may help with medications, personal care, housekeeping and meals. Many have nurses on-site or on call. Some may be part of a Continuing Care Community that offers a range of options, from independent living through nursing care. Services and fees vary widely, so it is imperative to look     carefully at the individual facility’s contract.

Details about facilities in the Philadelphia area can be found in the Service Directory listings of Assisted Living and Continuing Care Communities.

Assisted Living Resources >>

Continuing Care Resources >>

Domiciliary Care

“Domiciliary” comes from the word “domicile” or home, and is used to describe care provided in the home. PCA’s Dom Care program matches adults who cannot live alone with individuals or families who provide a home environment, and assist residents with their daily needs, including food, laundry, personal hygiene and medication administration.

For more information, see the Service Directory listing for Dom Care. Resources >>

Nursing Homes

These residential facilities, licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, serve people who require 24-hour, skilled nursing care but who do not need the high-tech resources of a hospital. An assessment is required to be admitted to a nursing home.

Listings of homes in the Philadelphia area can be found in the Service Directory. Resources >>

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services provides an online tool to help choose and evaluate nursing homes.

Nursing Home Transition

PCA’s Nursing Home Transition Program assists nursing home residents age 60 and older to return to community living. NHT may help find housing; modify an existing home to make it accessible; help access needed medical, adult day care or home-based services and provide training for independent living. For more information call the PCA Helpline, 215-765-9040. Younger nursing home residents, ages 18 – 59 who wish to return to community living, call: Liberty Resources 215-634-2000

Personal Care Boarding Homes

Personal care boarding homes are generally smaller than assisted living facilities but provide similar services such as meals, housekeeping and activities such as bathing and dressing.

The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services maintains an online directory of state-licensed personal care homes.

The site also provides links to violations reports and detailed information about each facility.

Housing Counselors

Housing counselors funded by the Office of Housing and Community Development are located at three senior centers: Philadelphia Senior Center, Journey’s Way and Center in the Park.  These counselors can provide assistance on foreclosures as well as other housing inquiries. There are also housing counselors at other social service agencies in the region. A listing of housing counselors  is included in the Service Directory. Resources >>

Financial and legal issues

There are organizations listed in the Services directory in this website that can help both homeowners and renters with financial and legal issues:

Utility Assistance: Heat and Electricity Resources >>

Financial Empowerment Centers

Insurance for homeowners and renters Resources >>

Mortgages Resources >>

Eviction Resources >>

Foreclosures Resources >>

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