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Posted By Marcia Siegal

Having the retirement you want

By Sally Friedman

“Retirement.” The word inspires dueling emotions, and when it crops up, those emotions can run high. People’s take on retirement can be as varied as how they see themselves, their lives and their natures. Exploring the future can be daunting, but retirement is more than just an abstract concept for many who are at or near what is generally regarded as “retirement age” – which, based on American culture and tradition, seems to hover around 65.

Posted By Michael Hanisco

Today’s senior community centers promote healthy living, active aging

By Marcia Z. Siegal
With sophisticated fitness centers and wellness programs, computer and Zumba classes, intergenerational collaborations, and a focus on active living, today’s senior community centers are a far cry from the centers previous generations were accustomed to.
National Senior Center Month, observed in September, provides an opportunity to celebrate the vibrant programming featured at senior centers supported by Philadelphia Corporation for Aging (PCA), which is engaging members ranging from baby boomers to centenarians.

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Posted By Michael Hanisco

The beauties of nature can be enjoyed without sight

By Joe Garrison

I’ve been sightless since birth, and have experienced a lot of discrimination. People tend to think that because people are sightless – and this goes for all people with disabilities – that they are like children and need a babysitter. I’ve always lived my life to be independent. There are more things that a sightless person can do besides sit around and do nothing.

Posted By Michael Hanisco

Treetop Quest Philly offers excitement for all

This spring, a portion of Fairmount Park transformed into Treetop Quest Philly, a unique destination for adventure seekers. The aerial adventure park features zip lines, rope ladder bridges, balance beams and other obstacles for visitors of all ages.

Posted By Marcia Siegal

Couple helps Syrian refugees

By Lawrence H. Geller

Renata Alkurdi, 55, has a twinkle in her eye and determination in her heart as she packs donated men’s, women’s and children’s clothing in a large nylon bag. Destination: Syrian refugee camps in Turkey and Lebanon.

“When people make the decision to leave their homeland because of war, they leave with the clothes on their backs,” she says.

Posted By Marcia Siegal

Exploring my city as a senior

By Frank Burd

It’s amazing how we can live in a place and never explore it with the vigor of a tourist. I grew up in New York City but never visited the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building until after I moved to Philadelphia and went back to the city with friends. After living in Philadelphia for 50 years, I did something that few locals probably do. This year, I took a group tour of Philadelphia in an open-air bus. It was wonderful.

Posted By Marcia Siegal

Travel abroad at any age, but with caution

by Constance Garcia-Barrio

International travel requires more than a hop, skip and a jump down the jetway. Few things top the excitement of traveling abroad, but it means physical and psychological stress. Even winding through security lines at the airport can test us as we age.

Posted By Marcia Siegal

Tired of the same old argument? Book offers advice

By Barbara Sherf

Inspired by his marriage to his wife, Elise, Max Rivers has made a successful career out of helping couples with marriage problems. Max, 67 and Elise, 52, have been together for 15 years. At the beginning of their relationship, they both studied mediation in Massachusetts. Because of the impact that learning mediation had on their own relationship, they saw the potential for using the practice in all aspects of life, especially marriage.

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Posted By Marcia Siegal

The President’s House commemorates unique history

By Dorothy Stanaitis

There’s a historical gem located within our midst that many Philadelphians do not know about. Just across the street from the Independence Visitor Center, located at the corner of Sixth and Market streets, you can see the footprint of the former home of the first two U.S. presidents, called the President’s House. The house was occupied by both our first president, George Washington, and his successor, John Adams, when Philadelphia was capital of the United States from 1790 to 1800.

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