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Driver Clyde White brings a meal to Patricia Hughes, a participant in Philadelphia Corporation for Aging's (PCA's) home-delivered meals program.
Posted By Marcia Siegal

PCA’s food lifeline

Clyde White can be counted on to knock on Patricia Hughes’ door every Thursday morning. A driver with Philadelphia Corporation for Aging (PCA)’s Meal Distribution Center (MDC), White makes a weekly delivery of seven frozen meals to her. To Hughes, who is homebound, PCA’s home-delivered meals program “is a godsend.”

The prevalence of dizziness rises with age according to John Cacciamani, M.D., a geriatrician and CEO of Chestnut Hill Hospital.
Posted By Marcia Siegal

Feeling dizzy?

The lyrics from old love songs say it all: “You’re making me dizzy; my head is spinning,” or “You got me going in circles.” Alas, dizziness may signal not wild infatuation, but a possible medical problem. “The prevalence of dizziness rises with age,” said John Cacciamani, M.D., a geriatrician and CEO of Chestnut Hill Hospital.

Female personal care worker washes the face of an elderly wheelchair-bound woman
Posted By Linda Riley

PCA can help to find and provide resources

The time may come when it’s impossible to do everything yourself. PCA offers services, tools and information to help seniors and caregivers.

Juanita Cox, who is raising her four grandsons, including Mehki Cox (pictured), gets vital support from Grands As Parents Inc.
Posted By Marcia Siegal

Grandparents who are raising grandchildren

An estimated 13,400 grandparents, 32 percent of whom are age 60-plus, are raising grandchildren in Philadelphia.

Actress Marjorie Goldman portrays suffragist Susan B. Anthony
Posted By Alicia Colombo

Keeping Susan B. Anthony’s crusade for women’s rights alive

Personal passions for history, teaching and acting came together when Marjorie Goldman began portraying suffragist Susan B. Anthony more than 20 years ago. Over that time, Goldman has perfected her craft and adopted the cause of social reformer.

Martial arts teacher (left) and student
Posted By Abbey Porter

Martial arts inspire confidence

While the term “martial arts” might summon images of people punching and kicking each other, hundreds of martial arts exist today, not all of which focus on physical combat.

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