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Posted By Michael Hanisco

Getting older doesn’t have to mean losing your teeth!

By Alicia M. Colombo New oral challenges often develop as you grow older. Common dental problems that seniors experience include dry mouth, tooth decay, gum disease and oral cancer. Your oral health affects nutrition, digestion, speech, self-esteem, quality of life and social interactions. If left untreated, these dental conditions can lead to tooth loss and […]

Posted By Michael Hanisco

Take charge of your diabetes with PCA’s FREE six-week self-management workshop

Want to take charge of your diabetes? Register for Common Threads, a six-week diabetes self-management program that is FREE for adults 60 and older.

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The benefits, drawbacks of telehealth for seniors

The number of telehealth claims for services and procedures has grown exponentially since the pandemic began. Here’s what seniors need to know to use it successfully.

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Tour Philadelphia’s murals

If enthusiasm adds sparkle to all it touches, Caroll Drazen’s tours of Philly’s murals produce a million watts.

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What to know about Medicare Open Enrollment this year

While Medicare as a whole may look pretty similar to past years, APPRISE, Pennsylvania’s state health insurance assistance program, will look very different this year for Philadelphia.

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COVID-19 prevention is top priority for older adults, ahead of vaccine

While scientists continue to work on creating an effective vaccine, there is also a great deal of concern that historically these vaccines tend to be least effective for older adults.

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The eyes have it: See that you take care of yours

Many eye conditions affecting older adults are not reversible, so it’s important to be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible to preserve your sight.

A heart-healthy Italian cooking demo will be one of the featured classes at PCA's "Engage Your Body and Brain" on March 24. (istock)
Posted By Alicia Colombo

Keeping an eye on your esophagus

Heartburn two or three times a week may be a sign of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), which if not treated could lead to cancer.

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Flu season may clash with COVID-19 this fall

Are you prepared?

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