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Aging News Headlines: February 19, 2019

These heart health risks might surprise you

By Marcia Z. Siegal

Commonly known risk factors for cardiac disease include high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking, obesity and advanced age. Recent studies show that other health and lifestyle conditions also can pose significant risks to your heart health if they are not addressed. Read on to learn about some of the lesser known heart health risk factors.

PCA to present ‘Engage Your Body and Brain’ event

Philadelphia Corporation for Aging (PCA) will present its annual senior education event, titled “Engage Your Body and Brain,” on Saturday, March 23, from noon to 4:30 p.m. at PCA, 642 North Broad St. Topics for the sessions are “Meditation,” “Operation Paper Clutter Control,” “Genealogy 101,” “Intro to Self-defense,” “Eating for Energy,” “Intro to Facebook,” “Flower Pot Decoration” and “What You Should Know About Medical Marijuana.” Registration is required by March 1.

Caregiver Support Program campaign underway

The Pennsylvania Department of Aging (PDA) has launched a statewide campaign to promote the Pennsylvania Caregiver Support Program, which provides adults who are the primary caregivers for a senior, as well as senior caregivers raising a child or caring for an adult with a disability, with respite care, reimbursement for caregiving expenses, education and counseling.

Dating for seniors: Not like dating decades ago

By Sally Friedman

Dating in 2019 is not at all like it was decades ago, when today’s seniors were young adults and looking for their first loves. The goal back then was likely to find a suitable mate to settle down with, get married and start a family. Now as seniors, many people are seeking companionship without marriage. Scholars have determined in recent years that healthy aging is often linked to human relationships.

Underground Railroad lives on at the historic Johnson House

By Constance Garcia-Barrio

One story goes that a constable and his men, grim and heavily armed, galloped up Germantown Road (now Germantown Avenue) one night. They stopped at the Johnson House, whose owners were rumored to harbor fugitives from slavery. When the men banged on the door, perhaps Quaker matron Jennett Rowland Johnson answered, small but fearsome, even in her 60s. When she and other Johnson family members demanded to know the meaning of the uproar, the constable likely waved a warrant at them, then barged in with his men to search for runaway slaves.

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