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Mother-daughter storytelling duo publishes children’s books

Once upon a time, a stone house in Glenside overflowed with the love of three generations of women. This love led one of them to write an unusual chil­dren’s story.

At 102, she has plenty on her mind

At 102, Esther Kennedy has witnessed several wars, the Great Depression, assassinations and many other historic events that have shaped our world today. She remembers life before air conditioners, televisions, computers and cell phones.

‘Homing’ memoir details healing, forgiveness that comes with age

A son needs most of his lifetime to unravel, then free himself from, the mysteries of his mother’s demise.]

Need help with heating bills? Assistance is available.

There are a variety of programs to help eligible Pennsylvanians who need as­sistance paying their home heating bills.

Column: Age is relative

“Everything is relative in this world, where change alone endures.” ~ Leon Trotsky

The changing face of caregiving

Having it all in today’s world often becomes more challenging with age. Juggling a full-time job, domestic responsibilities and caregiv­ing duties can feel like a three-ring circus. This is especially true for those younger seniors who are “sandwiched” between dueling caregiving responsibilities.

Philadelphia seniors: Make your voice heard

Residents have an opportunity to help shape the course of city government by participating in a survey, by Nov. 3.

Column: Mental health care is necessary, underutilized health care service

We all struggle from time to time – no matter our age, financial status, ethnic background or religion. Why isn’t our usual approach to treating mental wellness the same as it is for physical wellness?

Survivorship care: Meeting the long-term needs of cancer survivors

With an ever-increasing number of people surviving cancer, and with the majority of those survivors being older adults, survivorship care is an important topic for seniors.

Narrative medicine focuses on the person

When it comes to staying healthy, talk can be worth a mint. Narrative medicine puts a premium on the stories patients tell their doctors about why they’re seeking treatment.