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PCA Senior Housing Assistance Repair (SHARP) Program

The Senior Housing Assistance Repair Program or SHARP is a minor home repair program provided by Philadelphia Corporation for Aging for Philadelphia homeowners 60 years and older. To receive services the consumer’s name must be on the deed. The property must have all utilities functioning and be structurally sound. Consumers can apply for services every 5 years.

Examples of the type of work SHARP can do are: install exterior doors with dead bolt locks; window locks; repair steps or replace basement steps; install smoke alarms; weather-strip doors; replace electrical switches ,outlets and fixtures; repair leaky faucets and toilets; install shut-off valves.

SHARP also can do minor modifications to the homes of seniors with physical disabilities such as adapt bathroom fixtures grab bars and install wrought iron railings.

Households with incomes that exceed 200% of poverty may be eligible for the repairs and modifications on a cost-sharing basis; depending on income the consumer pays a percentage of the cost of the repair work. Income guidelines for free repairs are 200% of poverty (as of February 2017): $2,010/month or $24,120/annual for one person, and 2,707/month or $32,484/annual for a two-person household.)


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