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PCA Long Term Care Options (LTCO)

PCA’s Long Term Care Options (LTCO) department coordinates a variety of services delivered in the home so that frail and disabled older adults may continue to live independently in the community.

Individuals eligible for LTCO services are 60 years or older with a continuing need for assistance with activities of daily living.

Based on an assessment of the person’s needs and guidelines for specific services the following services may be offered from a list of independent providers: Adult Day Services; counseling (mental health nutrition); home-delivered meals; emergency response systems; medical equipment and supplies; nursing; personal care and home support services; transportation; therapy; home environment modifications based on consumer need.

Participants enrolled in the Aging Waiver program are nursing facility clinically eligible and must meet Medical Assistance clinical and financial requirements.

Others with higher incomes and assets may qualify for the OPTIONS program which serves individuals whose income exceeds 125% of poverty and who share in the cost of their services.


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