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Partnership Community Development Corporation (TPCDC)

The Partnership Community Development Corporation (TPCDC) is a 17-year- old non-profit neighborhood development organization that has leveraged over $65 million in private investment to assist in the revitalization of the West Philadelphia community since its inception. The Partnership develops affordable for-sale and rental housing for low to moderate-income families in Philadelphia County and provides home ownership education to first-time home buyers. Additionally we work to retain businesses in West Philadelphia while attracting new ones. This creates employment opportunities in the area allowing the communities to be economically independent and viable. The Partnership CDC also undertakes retail development organizes business associations provides technical assistance to businesses and community groups and formulates revitalization strategies for commercial corridors. As a Neighborhood Energy Center TPCDC also provides the following core programs: -Conservation: Water conservation electricity conservation energy related home repair referral to other programs self-help weatherization; -Education: Energy counseling conservation workshops energy education telecommunication education; in-home budget counseling; -Fuel assistance : LIHEAP intake Crisis intake UESF intake or referral PECO Customer Assistance Program (CAP) emergency fuel oil grants utility negotiation. Please call or visit the website for more information about TPCDC?s services and programs.


4020 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

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