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Bucks County Housing Authority Case Management (FSA of Bucks County)

If you or someone you know are living in a BCHA managed housing site we can help. Here are some other things we have done for BCHA residents: ú Assisted with applications for Medicaid food stamps and rent rebates ú Made referrals for personal care aides and cleaning services ú Obtained food and supplies from food pantries ú Accessed help to pay for prescriptions ú Explained medical billing and insurance charges setting up payment plans when needed ú Helped obtain hearing aids and dentures ú Register for Bucks County Transport ú This program is free for residents of all nine BCHA sites. View the BCHA brochure online at For more information contact Bernadette O?Connor Coordinator Older Adult Programs 215-757-6916 ext. 236 or email


FSA Heaquarters
4 Cornerstone Drive
Langhorne, PA 19047

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