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Age Wise Family Services

Age Wise Family Services is a provider of Geriatric Care Management Services to seniors and their families in Philadelphia and the five county area. Services Include: * Addressing issues of aging; * Evaluation and assessment of personal emotional physical legal and financial needs; * Collaboration and follow-up with medical financial legal and psychological services; * Applying for securing and protecting benefits and medical assistance; * Match client/family needs with community resources; * Assistance with choosing appropriate living arrangements (nursing home assisted living independent living etc.); * Counseling for a terminally ill patient and family; * Counseling for services for depression and Alzheimer’s or other dementia; * Help with choosing a Medicare plan; * Monitoring in-home care; * Moving services: pre-planning move and layout of new home sorting and packing of items sale or disposal of unneeded household goods movers and unpacking services provided. Serves Philadelphia as well as the five-county area. Fee-for-service. Please call for a free consultation or more information about services. Mon to Fri 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Other times are available by appointment


1250 Glenburnie Lane
Dresher, PA 19025

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