About The Emergency Fund

The Emergency Fund
More than 100,000 Philadelphia senior citizens are living in poverty. Thousands of them can’t afford the basic necessities of life – food, heat, and medicine and have to skip one. For many, the Emergency Fund for Older Philadelphians is their last hope.

Last year, the Emergency Fund gave more than $215,000 in crisis assistance to help nearly 1,800 senior households.

Please help. Your donation will allow the Emergency Fund to continue to provide vital assistance to seniors in dire need.

When you donate to the Emergency Fund you can know that your donation will be used to help seniors who are truly in need.

To receive assistance, eligible seniors must be referred by recognized social service agencies or the clergy. Checks are issued directly to the fuel company, pharmacy, food store, etc. to assure that the needed goods or services are provided.

Three Easy Ways to Donate

1) Click here to make an online donation 
     (secure server via PayPal)
    for The Emergency Fund »

2) Call the PCA Helpline 215-765-9040 
     215- 765-9041 (Hearing Impaired)   
3) Mail: Click here, then complete and 
     send in the coupon

PCA administers the Emergency Fund which was established in 1979 and is guided by a coalition of community-based organizations and service providers.

The Emergency Fund supports Keep Seniors Warm