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This website page is part of a database of providers that offer goods, services and resources to older and disabled adults, caregivers, and professionals in the fields of aging and disability. The database was created by Philadelphia Corporation for Aging (PCA) as part of its information and referral activities as the Area Agency on Aging for Philadelphia.
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Category: Emergency Resources
Service: Housing Emergency
Association of Puerto Ricans in March (APM)
A Latino-based health, human services, community, and economic development non-profit organization serving the Philadelphia area. Offers health and social services to anyone in Greater Philadelphia.
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Provider: Association of Puerto Ricans In March (APM)
APM Headquarters
4301 Rising Sun Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19140
Emergency Assistance Shelter Program (DPW)
Provides temporary shelter for individuals who are currently homeless, have no permanent residence, or are victims of domestic violence. During that time, case management services will be provided to assist with securing more permanent housing. Applicants must provide verification of the following: Identity, age, social security number, income, and current lease/owner's license or current water bill.
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Provider: Emergency Assistance Shelter Program (DPW)
801 Market Street, 5th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Mercy Hospice
A temporary residence (shelter) for single women and mothers with young children who are homeless, near homeless, or in recovery. Also provides food, clothing, educational training/classes, case management, housing opportunities, and emotional support/compassion for the residents.
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Provider: Mercy Hospice
334 S. 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Office of Supportive Housing (OSH)
Assists and prepares adults and families for self-sufficiency and independent living.
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Provider: Office of Supportive Housing (OSH)
1401 JFK Boulevard, 10th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19102
People's Emergency Center - Emergency
Provides shelter for women with children and adolescents seven days a week, 24 hours a day, telephone intakes accepted every day. Provides emergency food. Absolutely no men for emergency shelter services.
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Provider: People's Emergency Center
3902 Spring Garden Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
R E A C H - Emergency Services
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Provider: R.E.A.C.H. (Resources, Employment, Advocacy, Case Management, Housing)
Red Shield Family Residence - Emergency Housing
Red Shield is for emergency lodging for homeless single women and families.
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Provider: Red Shield Family Residence
Salvation Army
715 N Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123
Salvation Army - Divisional Headquarters - Emergency
Philadelphia Social Service Ministries provides emergency food, clothing, some furniture (beds); some utility assistance (especially those whose utilities are shut off); and assistance in filling out LIHEAP and PACE applications.
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Provider: Salvation Army - Divisional Headquarters
701 N Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19123
Salvation Army - Tabernacle Corps - Emergency
Community Support Program department provides emergency food, clothing, beds; some utility assistance (especially those whose utilities are shut off); assistance in filling out LIHEAP forms. Zip Codes served: 19125, 33, 34, 40
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Provider: Salvation Army - Tabernacle Corps
3150 N Mascher Street
Philadelphia, PA 19133
St John's Hospice - Emergency
Provides temporary shelter as well as three meals daily and case management services for homeless and transient men only.
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Provider: St John's Hospice
1221 Race Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
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