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US Department of Housing & Urban Development - Consumer Complaints
US Department of Housing and Urban Development insures mortgages for single and multi-family dwellings (FHA); provides funds to local municipalities for housing and community development projects; resells HUD owned properties; provides listing of landlords in the Housing Choice voucher program, and a list of government subsidized apartments for the elderly; investigates cases of discrimination in federally conducted programs on the basis of race, religion, age, sex and national origin.  For those seniors who live in senior subsidized buildings there has been a new telephone number established for tenant complaints, HUD Multi-family Clearing House 1-800-685-8470.

Refers clients to the following HUD-approved counseling sites:

* Philadelphia Housing Development Corporation (PHDC)
1234 Market Street, 17th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19107                    phone: 215-448-3000
Email: fax: 215-448-3133

 * Northwest Counseling Service, Inc                                                    phone: 215-324-7500
5001 N Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19141-2217                                  fax: 215-324-8753

* Phila Council for Community Advancement                                     phone: 215-567-7803
100 N 17th Street, Suite 700, Philadelphia, PA 19103-2736                   fax: 215-963-9941

* Korean Community Development Services Center                       phone: 215-276-8830
6053-55 N 5th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19120                                          fax: 215-224-8150

* Dixon House of Diversified Community Services                           phone: 215-336-3511 
1920 S 20th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19145                                               fax: 215-551-4327

* New Kensington Community Development Corporation               phone: 215-427-0350
2513-15 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19125-1708                      fax: 215-427-1302

* Unemployment Information Center                                                     phone: 215-557-0822
1201 Chestnut Street, #702, Philadelphia, PA 19107                               fax: 215-557-6981

* ACORN Housing Corporation                                                                 phone: 215-765-1221
846 N Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130                                               fax: 215-765-0045

* Hispanic Assoc of Contractors & Enterprises                                  phone: 215-426-8025
167 W Allegheny Avenue, Suite 200, Philadelphia, PA 19140                  fax: 215-426-9122
* Association of Puerto Ricans in March                                               phone: 215-235-6070
600 W Diamond Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122                                         fax: 215-235-7335

* Germantown Settlement                                                                         phone: 215-849-3104
218 W Chelten Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19144                                         fax: 215-843-3446

* Consumer Credit Counseling Service of Delaware Valley     phone: 215-563-5665 or 1- 800-989-2227
1525 Market Street, Suite 1325, Philadelphia, PA 19102                          fax: 215-563-7020

* Mount Airy USA                                                                                          phone: 215-844-6021
6639-41 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19119                            fax: 215-844-9167

* Intercultural Family Services, Inc                                                          phone: 215-386-1298
4225 Chestnut Street ,Philadelphia, PA 19104-3014                                  fax: 215-386-9348

* Nueva Esperanza, Inc                                                                               phone: 215-324-0746
4261 N 5th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19140                                                   fax: 215-324-2542

The HUD certified sites also provide counseling for the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage, which allows a homeowner to take out a mortgage on their home which will give them the opportunity to receive either a lump sum, a monthly payment, a line of credit, or combination of the three.  The owner retains the title to the home, which can be transferred under the same conditions as any other mortgaged home.  The important difference in this type of mortgage is that no payment is necessary until the borrower dies, sells the home, or permanently moves away.  It is particularly useful to homeowners who wish to convert the equity of their home into a source of income, either for daily living expenses or to make major repairs.  Eligibility is limited to homes in which all the owners are age 62 or older.  The title to the home must be free and clear, though some of the proceeds of the mortgage can be used to clear other liens.  This program can be used only for single family homes; duplexes or multi-family homes are not eligible.

A client's first step is to attend a counseling session with a HUD-certified counseling agency.  All family members may attend a counseling session.  After completion of counseling, the homeowners will be given a certificate, which they can take to a lending agency.  The size of the monthly payment is based on the value of the home, the age of the owners and interest rate.

Mon to Fri, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Provided by:
US Department of Housing & Urban Development
US Department of Housing & Urban Development
The Wanamaker Building
100 Penn Square East, 12th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19107