Philadelphia Corporation for Aging
Utility Emergency Services Fund (UESF)

USEF's services include the following:

·          Utility Grant Program – USEF provides utility grant assistance to families who have had their utilities terminated or who have received termination notices. Each USEF utility grant is matched dollar-for-dollar by PECO, PGW, or the Philadelphia Water Department. USEF assistance must result in the utility bill being “zeroed out”, thus creating a fresh start for the recipient.

* Must have notice of termination or have had utilities already shut off
* Must be a Philadelphia resident
* Must be at 175% of poverty level or greater
Must not have received a UESF grant in the past 24 months.
* Applicant must have already applied for LIHEAP and Crisis grants, when available

·          Housing Assistance Program – USEF provides payments for rental and mortgage arrearages (debts) as well as security deposits for new housing acquisitions. Assistance is provided based on funding availability from UESF’s external funding sources.

                        * Must have eviction notice or threat of eviction
                        *  Must be a Philadelphia resident
                        * Must be at 175% of poverty level or greater

·          Housing Assistance Program – Using a comprehensive case management model, UESF will assist with the following:

-Housing acquisition services: housing identification and search, inspections, interpretation of lease agreements, and rent negotiation.

-Benefits: UESF pre-qualifies applicants, completes and files their applications, and follows-up regarding approvals for LIHEAP, SNAP, CHIP, WIC, Medicaid, Earned Income Tax Credits, and PECO/PGW assistance programs.

-Self-Sufficiency Workshops: These sessions are designed to help sustain housing stabilization. Topics include Understanding Utility Bills & Electric Supplier Choices, Self-Help Weatherization, Financial Literacy, and Tenant Rights & Responsibilities.

-Additional Supports: UESF also works with partners for employment, education, food resources, weatherization and conservation assistance, and the Water Revenue Assistance Program (WRAP). UESF case managers work with seven local employment agencies, as well as make referrals for local job fairs and training opportunities. They also have established relationships with several GED tutoring and testing organizations, in addition to veteran and ex-offender resources.

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Provided by: Utility Emergency Services Fund (UESF)
Requirements: None
Utility Emergency Services Fund (UESF)
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