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Property Tax/Rent Rebate - PA Dept of Revenue
PA Department of Revenue provides property tax or rent rebate to people age 65 years old as of December 31st of the past year or a widow/widower aged 50 to 64 or permanently disabled aged 18 to 64.  For a homeowner your income cannot exceed $35,000.00.  Renter's income cannot exceed $15,000.00.  Those eligible can receive up to $650.00.

To obtain the necessary forms or to get help in filling the forms out, call the PA Department of Revenue's local office at 215-560-2056, or contact the Mayor's Commission on Aging at 215-686-8450.  First time filers will need a copy of your birth certificate for proof of age.  All applicants will need to provide proof of all of yearly income (W-2's, 1099's) and paid real estate tax receipt.  Renter's will need their rent receipts. Social Security recipients need the form SSA 1099R showing their yearly income.  SSI recipients need a print out showing their yearly income.  In both cases only 50% of their Social Security income is used for determining their eligibility income, but all Social Security income must be shown.

Deadline for mailing the applications is June 30th, although the program may be extended to December 31st.

Applications are mailed to:    PA Department of Revenue 
                                                      PO Box 280503 
                                                      Harrisburg, PA 17128-0503

The Department will begin mailing and depositing the approved claims on July 1st, as specified by law. After July 1st, rebates are mailed and deposited as the claims are received and approved.

Property Tax Freeze Program enables qualified homeowners to have their Real Estate Tax due remain the same as the Real Estate Tax that was due last year, even if the Board of Revision of Taxes has increased the taxable assessed value of the residential property used as the applicant's primary residence.  This program is only available to seniors who have had a tax assessment increase for the next tax year.

Property Tax Installment Plan - The Revenue Department allows certain households to pay their property taxes in installments, with no interest or penalties.  This program is particularly useful to people with fixed incomes.  This program is available to low-income homeowners who occupy their home.  There is no age requirement.  Only residential use, not commercial use, makes the property eligible for this program.

Mon to Fri, 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM

1-888-728-2937 -- Automatic Forms Ordering Service (to order forms at any time)
Contact Information:
Main Number: 215-560-2056
Business line 1: 1/717-783-1405
Toll free number: 1/888-222-9190
110 N 8th Street
Suite 204A
Philadelphia, PA 19107-2412
Property Tax/Rent Rebate - PA Dept of Revenue - Financial
Property Tax/Rent Rebate - to qualify you must be 65 years old as of December 31st of the past year or a widow/widower aged 50 to 64 or permanently disabled aged 18 to 64.
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