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PCA Activates Heatline - 215-765-9040
Organization: Philadelphia Corporation for Aging (PCA)
Date: 07.19.15

Philadelphia -- Due to an Excessive Heat Warning, the PCA Heatline will operate on  Sunday, July 19, noon to midnight and on Monday, July 20, from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.  The PCA Heatline is 215-765-9040. At PCA’s Heatline call center, a team of trained staff will counsel callers of all ages about precautions to take against the heat and detecting signs of heat stress.  City Health Department nurses will be on-site to speak with callers about medical problems related to the heat.  Mobile relief teams from the Health Department will respond to situations requiring intervention, and 911 will be called for emergencies.

Media are asked to announce PCA’s HEATLINE phone number, 215-765-9040 during news and weather reports pertaining to the heat wave and to feature the information prominently on media websites.

Neighbors, friends and relatives are urged to look in on elderly persons, as they may be especially vulnerable to the heat.  The elderly, individuals with chronic medical conditions, those on medication, and persons who live alone and receive few visitors are encouraged to call PCA’s Heatline for advice on coping with the heat.  In addition, callers may contact PCA’s Heatline on behalf of another individual who may be at risk for heat stress.

PCA’s Heatline is a non-emergency telephone service – IT IS NOT A FAN OR AIR CONDITIONER DISTRIBUTION SITE.  PCA’s Heatline staff can provide information about recommended air-conditioned locations and year-round senior services.

Contact Information:
215 765 9040
642 N Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19130-3409
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